Home on the Rangeland

Big Horn Sheep populate the range lands of the Western United States and they were the inspiration for this gourd.  I drew all of the sheep by hand (no patterns) and then burned them.  

This is a current work in progress.  The gourd is a large Hawaiian Dance Mask that I grew.  To prepare for this piece I first cut the top off to flatten it to hold a larger flat piece that will be a rocky precipice (made out of gourds, of course) where the sculpture will be mounted.  The sculpture is a ram made out of gourd, as the pictures show.  The piece is complete.  

See it here:  http://chrisinart.com/gourds-3/ or click "Gourds 3", below.

Progress Update:  3/09/2016 Ram in the paint booth...

Scroll right and left with mouse.

Progress Update:  2/17/2016 Ram taking shape....

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Gourdino, the sheep gourd, was made from egg gourds.  Creative Paperclay, my favorite air dry clay, was used through out.

Ibis Divinity – The Egyptian God of Wisdom, Thoth

I love creating sculptures with gourds and was inspired by the Egyptian divinity, Thoth, wearing a triple atef-type crown.  I began with an egg gourd.  Epoxy secured wire armature to the gourd in order to sculpt the crown, head, neck and legs with air dry clay.  Acrylic paint was used to create the appearance of marble.

The ibis has a special place in ancient Egyptian history, as it was once associated with Thoth, an ancient Egyptian god and patron of writing, wisdom and magic.  Because of its importance in its representation of the god Thoth, the ibis is depicted in many forms of Egyptian art.  And now, here it is, in gourd art, too.

How to Make Norwegian Nisses, Tomte or Gnomes for Christmas

These are made with mini bottle gourds.  The nose and feet are Creative Paperclay.  The beard is a curly wool.  The legs, skewers.  The shoes are wrapped with a strip of sheep leather (wool on).  The hat is cotton duck painted with acrylic and there is a thin wire inside to permit shaping.  In most of my research of this special Scandinavian creature, they wore grays and reds.