It took two years....In 2014, I began this gourd by hand drawing directly onto the gourd all of the bighorn sheep.  In the same year, I did the pyrography of the sheep.  I set it aside until 2016 when I finished the background pyrography and the sculpture.  How was it made:  Click the link to see work in progress: click here

My vision for this gourd was to cap the gourd with a sheep sculpture, made from gourds with an outer shell of clay. This vision, from 2014, remained unchanged.  Here, is the finished artwork, called "Home on the Rangeland". 

Home on the Rangeland, in a 1912 book by Wesley Beggs, A Book of Western Verses

My home is on the rangeland, far away from any town.  In the shelter and protection of the Rockies' lofty crown.  Where such inspiring grandeur, such lookings are in sight.  When the moon is playing checkers with the shadows of the night.
And the grandest little brooklet, just as jolly as can be, in its prancing, dancing manner sings its lullaby to me.  I can hear it in the twilight, in the sunset after-glow, I can hear it in the moonlight, as the fire-fly passes slow.
When the banquet meal is ready and you are about to dine, floating 'round about the table comes the breath from off the pine.  Happy are the little children reared in a home so rude, eating in the mountain fastness, sleeping in their solitude. 
Here's the place for nature lovers, in this far-secluded spot, with nature cutting antics where the Master's hand has wrought, where a man in health and gladness will appreciate its worth. Drinking from the gushing fountains pouring out of Mother Earth.