Chris In Art - A profile of the Artistry of Chris Peters

Since early adulthood I have used a pencil to sketch and draw portraits of people.  The discovery at age 30 that I could draw mesmerized me. My first finished portrait was of an elderly Asian woman drawn from a National Geographic magazine photograph. That was the true beginning of my love of pencil.  I later started using Prismacolor pencils. Then, watercolor.  I continue to create art on paper media.  

Beginning in 2009, dried gourds became a loved canvas. Since being a bronze sculptor is out of reach financially, the humble gourd is the three dimensional feel I crave. Plus, there is a satisfying reward to grow my own gourds into a 'canvas.'  

Gourds have opened my world in so many ways--inspiration, adventures, new knowledge, new skills and friendships--the best of all.

Shortly after retiring from a trust banking career, I launched a business in 2010. It is successful and after thousands of designs it continues to be a joy and source of inspiration. Nearly all of the signs I make are custom--one of a kind.

Customer supplied photo.

Over the past seven years I have learned many new things such as website design and Photoshop. I have created some fun stuff including, in 2015, a pretty awesome Face-In-The-Hole panel for the Idaho Gourd Society. I have made many gourd related graphics and photographed IDGS member gourd art which, in turn, I made into calendars and posters for the members.