Idaho-based artist Chris Peters is a native of Seattle. She works predominately with gourds. the beginning

Her journey as an artist began many years ago. Pencil became her first love and still is. The pointed pencil is ideal for the detail she is passionate about.  Chris’ favorite subject has always been portraiture.  Over the years she explored the use of color with watercolors, colored pencils and soft pastels. Chris has won awards for her watercolor paintings and pencil portraits since 1983 and continues to create art on paper. 

...retire and then what?

Chris retired from a banking career in 2007 and almost immediately joined the Idaho Gourd Society to learn what to do with the many gourds she had been growing in her garden.  It turned out, the humble gourd was the perfect three dimensional media for her.  There is something enthralling about the gourd and Chris has found it to be her media of choice.   

Chris has created award winning gourd art using various mediums; pencil, watercolor, ink, and pyrography, to name a few.  She especially loves creating gourd sculptures.  Chris has become very knowledgeable about making gourds look like metal with real patina.

...more creativity and work (or is that pleasure?)

She also creates unique digital art sold on Spreadshirt or on Redbubble, teaches gourd classes and photographs gourd art for calendars and posters she creates. Chris is a member of the American Gourd Society and the Idaho Gourd Society.  She is the curator of the IDGS Facebook page and a contributing editor for the American Gourd Society's The Gourd Magazine.